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03.25.2015 | VCTRY - Spring 2015 Lookbook

Today we are releasing our Spring 2015 VCTRY collection. VCTRY, our sportswear design lab, continues to experiment with a futuristic, multi-material, tech vision of athletic wear.  To this end, a palette of red, blue, black, grey and white are punctuated with neon yellow, tonal patterns, safety green and reflective pops. View the Spring 2015 VCTRY lookbook here.  VCTRY is now available at the webshop and at your local 10.DEEP® retailer. Read More  |  Archive

03.09.2015 | Sprint 2015 - Delivery One at the Webshop

Last week, we dropped our first new major product of the year with the release of the lookbook for the first delivery of our Spring 2015 "American Glitch" collection.  The new product is an homage to various facets of American style culture from around the time of the change of the millenium.  Today we're giving you a closer look at some notable highlights of the group. Delivery One of the Spring 2015 collection is now available at the webshop and at your local 10.DEEP® retailer. Read More  |  Archive

02.27.2015 | Spring 2015 Lookbook - Delivery One

"Reckless", the first delivery of our Spring 2015 "American Glitch" collection, draws its inspiration from standard American workwear, hunting wear and everyman 'fashion' circa the late 90's/early 2000's.  The colors of the stonewashed denim, the sun-bleached and over-washed khakis of that period, and standard red, white and navy form the base of the color palette and set the overall tone for the collection. With an expanded selection of denim bottoms, stand-collared work shirts, notable outerwear pieces and a group of NASCAR garment flips that embrace the humor of the brands roots, the h... Read More  |  Archive

02.16.2015 | Justice & Peace Collaboration Tee

The past few years, we've celebrated Black History Month with special, limited releases that honor icons in the struggle for equality and justice.  This year, because of the recent events involving police brutality in the news, we put together a collaborative project that focused on the continuing issue of racial disparities in the application of police force, and the equally troubling lack of action by our justice system in bringing the perpetrators in these cases to justice. We are collaborating with several of our long term retailers to call attention to some of the most prevalent inst... Read More  |  Archive

12.19.2014 | Holiday 2014 - Delivery Two at the Webshop

We just finished out the 2014 releases earlier this week with the lookbook / product drop for the second delivery from our Holiday 2014 collection.  Today we give you a product-focused look at some highlights from this new group. Using a black, white and grey color palette, along with the geometric patterns and shapes seen in items like the Lateral Bonded Nylon Jacket and the Catacombs Sweats, this collection was inspired by the aesthetics of the architecture of our NYC home. Delivery Two of the Holiday 2014 collection is now available at the webshop and at your local 10.DEEP re... Read More  |  Archive

12.16.2014 | Holiday 2014 Delivery Two Lookbook

For our final release of 2014, we present the lookbook for the second delivery of the Town and Country collection today. While Delivery One drew inspiration from rural America, this delivery thematically focuses on our New York City roots.  We came up with a collection that nods to history and technology alike through geometric simplicity and a clean palette of greys.  The lookbook, the final of the trio we shot with the Madbury boys, further augments the geometric and architectural elements of the city. View the lookbook for Delivery 2 here.  Product is now available at the web... Read More  |  Archive

12.09.2014 | Holiday 2014 - Delivery One / VCTRY at the Webshop

Last week's dual-black-friday-cyber-monday premiered the lookbooks and product for both Delivery One and the VCTRY offerings of our Holiday 2014 collection.  There was a lot to take in and, considering that this is one of our favorite collections of the year, we're returning to give you a closer look at both of these sets from the season. Holiday 2014 Delivery One and VCTRY are both available at the webshop and at your local 10.DEEP retailer. Read More  |  Archive

12.01.2014 | Holiday 2014 VCTRY Lookbook

This season's VCTRY collection - our seasonal sportswear design lab, of sorts - provides a stark contrast to the grassroots streetwear direction of our first core delivery of the season. For the cold weather, VCTRY presents a strong offering of streetwear-inspired sportswear in a simple color palette of red, white, black and grey.  Notable are the tech pullovers, reflective graphic prints, all-over tonal embroidered fleece pieces and hybrid fleece/spandex dual-layer tops and pants. View the Holiday '14 VCTRY lookbook here.  Product is now available at the webshop and will soon arrive... Read More  |  Archive

11.24.2014 | Holiday 2014 Delivery One Lookbook - "Backwoods"

Our Holiday 2014 collection, "Town and Country", moves from the internet focus of the Fall collection to turn back to the non-digital world. The first delivery draws from the functional apparel that originally provided much of the style framework for 'pre-streetwear'. Drawing inspiration vintage hunting, motocross and workwear, it reads as streetwear for the everyman. For the lookbook, we linked with Phillip Annand and Madbury Club, who took the collection on location to bring the gear closer to the origins of its inspiration. That lookbook is now viewable here. This product is the first of ou... Read More  |  Archive

11.05.2014 | 10.DEEP x Nate James

In keeping with this season's examination of the digital world, today we are releasing a capsule created with Nate James, a young artist we discovered deep within the web. Nate creates digital tapestries that weave pop culture imagery into faux-religious symbolism, creating the iconography for a digital pop culture 'church' of sorts with each piece. We worked together to select works and translate them into a set of garments to be released with this season's line.  Comprised of a t-shirt and two long-sleeve tees, the limited production will be available on our webshop starting today, as w... Read More  |  Archive

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