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10.DEEP® x Golden Bear Varsity Jacket

March 13/2017

This week we are releasing our first collaboration piece for the season – the 10.Deep® X Golden Bear Varsity Jacket, along with a few new items from the first delivery of our Spring collection.

Golden Bear is a nearly century-old cut-and-sew jacket manufacturer famous for outfitting the military in “bomber” jackets during World War Two, collegiate sports teams with varsity jackets starting in the 1960’s, and, ironically, the fringed leather jackets of the 60’s counter-culture movements.

The made-in-the-USA Varsity jacket features cowhide leather sleeves / pocket welts, a wool body, and hand-sewn chenille patches.

The 10.Deep® X Golden Bear Varsity Jacket, will be available March 15th at 11am EST, along with new items from the Spring 2017 collection at .