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December 12/2016

The Winter Null and Void theme’s focus on rebellious social culture led us to a collaboration with celebrated Japanese photographer Masayuki Yoshinaga.  

Based out of Tokyo, Yoshinaga has been at the forefront of documenting fringe Japanese subcultures – from its Goth-Loli street style movement of the 90s, to Japan’s non-Japanese East Asian and Middle Eastern population and the Bosozoku teenage motorcycle gangs who are the focus of this project .  

Bosozoku, possibly most-popularly known from the anime classic AKIRA, is modern Japan’s original culture of juvenile delinquency.   Born out of the emerging post-WWII motorcycle/auto manufacturing trade, it gave voice to local gang culture’s general dissatisfaction with the greater society.   Bosozoku crews, most active in the 70s and 80s,  intricately customized military and factory jumpsuits and the motorcycles they used for dangerous mass rides and general mayhem.  And Yoshinaga, once a self-proclaimed hooligan himself, was fascinated by their outlandish costumes and general conduct and managed to become the primary documentarian of their way of life, from the inside out.

Mr. Yoshinaga has had solo exhibitions at the Parco Galleries in Tokyo and Nagoya and has exhibited internationally at the Dazed & Confused Gallery and Barbican Gallery in London.  To date, his work has been published in seven monographs.

The Masayuki Yoshinaga x 10.DEEP® Bosozoku capsule features a selection of Yoshinaga’s Bosozoko photography and will go live this Wednesday at 11am EST.