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April 20/2015

HAPPY 4/20.

We linked with our friends at The Good Company, one of the few entities that still carries on the tradition of the original NY brand culture that 10.DEEP came up through.  New York has changed and so has streetwear.  It’s easy to forget that this scene arose out of a desire to live outside of the mainstream now that it has become part of the mainstream.  That said, we decided to celebrate weirdness in a time when our hometown has become decidedly less weird.

The screen-printed long sleeve “Keep NY Weird” tee features artwork designed by one of Chinatown’s own on-the-street ‘art vendors’ in lettering that supports the lingering weirdness of the city on a day (4/20) when lots of you will be trying to get extra weird.

The Good Company x 10.DEEP “Keep NY Weird” tee comes in three colorways – black, white and fluorescent.  The fluorescent colorway will be available exclusively on our website while the white colorway only through Good Co.  The black colorway will be available from the both of us.