Driven by the same energy that generated many of New York City’s subcultural movements over the past several decades, 10.DEEP® was started in 1995 by Scott Sasso out of a desire to create clothing that reflected the mix of skate, hip hop, art, social consciousness, and youth fashion culture of the city’s scene of that time.

The name 10.DEEP® – a reference to the ten fingers of an individual’s hands – means strength through independence. Known for progressive design and quality product, 10.DEEP® is one of the few brands that connects proto-street style of NYC in the early 90s to today’s continuously evolving street style.

Initially comprised of simple, collections of tees and cut and sew tops, the brand grew as the culture around it did so. Through its support of and collaboration with like-minded independent musicians, photographers, and creatives, 10.DEEP® helped to foster the culture that became the lifestyle street and niche media community that exists today.