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Sole Classics, the Ohio based retailer and long time 10.Deep® supporter, tapped us to make tees for an Ohio Funk inspired set of collaborations they are releasing this weekend. We looked to the Ohio Players albums in particular for inspiration and came up with a set of four tees to accompany the full set of collaborations which includes footwear releases with Vans, limited release special pressed vinyl, and some other as of yet undisclosed products of their own.

The full set of collaborations will first be released at a pop-up they are doing at our New York space at 62 Kenmare street opening on Friday, June 28th and running through Sunday, June 30th, and at their Dublin, Ohio location on Saturday, June 29th at 11am. Sole Classics will also be making the full set of collaborations available online on Saturday, June 29th at 2pm EDT. And of course we’ll have a limited selection of the tees we made available on our site that day as well. Check their instagram feeds for more info.